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Welcome to Zen-PC Exclusive Custom Builds & Tech Support Services.

Zen-PC specializes in
High Performance Custom Built PC's, Laptops, Servers,
Professional Workstations
and now offers Custom Mac Systems.

Zen-PC also offers the following services: PC & Mac Computer Repair, Upgrades,
Virus Removal, Data Security - Restoration - Retrieval, Network & IT consulting,
Multimedia Home PC & Mobile Entertainment Systems & Installation, and much

We do
NOT offer drop down menus, set configurations, or limits to what you
want to do with existing technology.
All custom builds are configured to your
exact specifications
. Need help or don't know what you want? Zen-PC will guide
you in the right direction or make recommendations based on your needs and
your budget.

Zen-PC has been providing the best in computer technology & support since
2003 for
Xtreme Gamers, Multimedia Video & Music Professionals, Small
Business and the Casual Enthusiast

Whether your needs are as light as a simple home PC for internet browsing &
email or as complex as a Hybrid PC/MAC editing system capable of running both
AVID & Final Cut Pro, inquire and see what Zen-PC can do for you.

Los Angeles, California 2007